Man Last Longer In Bed – How To Stay Erect

Man Last Longer in bed

Man last longer is the ultimate dream of 30 to 70 percent of adult males who suffer from premature ejaculation – the number ONE sexual problem that men face today – who, of course wanting to be able having ejaculation by command.

Man last longer in bed is of course a perfect ideal situation to satisfy your sexual partner, considering most women need at least 10-15 minutes of constant stimulation to reach an orgasm. Thus it’s easily understood why among all the man sexual problems, the inability to last longer is the number ONE issue.

Picture this…

Last 20 Minutes Longer TonightYou were anticipating a night of great sex; you have planned right down to the minute details and wanted to impress a hot date in bed. You set up the romantic ambience : intimate dinner at your place, use soft colors and fabrics, fresh cut flowers on your nightstand sprinkle perfume on to light bulb with perfect lighting in order to create a sensual mood for her. But just 30 seconds into your “perfect lovemaking”, everything was over.

Premature ejaculation had beaten you to it again!!

You got up quickly, feeling blue, to take a shower, when in fact that was just an excuse to hide your embarrassment. You promised you would do better next time. But it just never happens!!

Sounds like what is happening to your sex life right now? Well, if you are like 40 percent of guys reading this, it probably is.

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Let’s face it.

Last 20 Minutes Longer TonightThere is probably nothing in the world that gives a man greater pleasure than knowing he has the ability to satisfy any woman in bed. But for many guys, sex is often a short-lived affair (even an embarrassing one) that ends as soon as the heart starts pounding and the adrenalin gets rushing.

So what is it that you can do to cope with early ejaculation? Are you destined to come up short every time you have sex?

Not at all!

Unlike most male sexual dysfunctions, premature ejaculation can often be rectified without the need for long term medication or treatment. But before we move on to examine the various alternatives and what makes a good cure for PE, it is important to properly understand what premature ejaculation really is – and if you are really suffering from it.

How Soon Is Too Soon?

Last 20 Minutes Longer TonightFive to ten minutes is a common yardstick, although most men are closer to five minutes. Considering the fact that most women take an average of fifteen minutes to reach an orgasm through vaginal penetration, it only means that the vast majority of women are unable to experience the full pleasures of lovemaking.

Your inability to last long enough is causing distress to you or your partner. But really, you do not need to feel embarrassed or humiliated if you are suffering from premature ejaculation. This is not a form of illness or disease, and the fact that you are among 20 to 40 percent of all men who have to deal with this issue means that you are NOT alone.

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One of the biggest contributors to early ejaculation is stress or emotional strain. So guys who are often emotionally stressed out are also at a higher risk of ejaculating early during sex. This is just nature’s way of releasing tension that has been pent up.

Man Last Longer in bed can be achievable id you could avoid these 3 Things:

#1 – The Effects of Stress

The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual EnduranceStress is your worst enemy, as far as your premature ejaculation goes. Whether it is related to your job or your performance in bed, stress can wreck havoc on your body. It leads to an increase in your blood pressure, a surge of adrenaline and a peaking of your sexual pleasure before you have had a chance to enjoy it fully. So what do you do about it?

Try to make a conscious effort to relax whenever you feel yourself go tense and stressed out. Take deep, thoughtful breaths and watch that tension ebb away.

#2 – Getting Mad

Last 20 Minutes Longer TonightBelieve it or not, being angry during sex can cause you to lose ejaculatory control in just a few moments. This happens in 2 ways. First of all, anger releases a surge of negative feelings within you. More importantly, it cuts out the communication that is so vital when you are making love. Think about it. You are not looking into her eyes – they are glowering at you in all probability, and that is NEVER good for your arousal control. What’s more, the surge of blood will make you lose control of your ejaculation reflexes very quickly, sometimes within seconds!

Wrong Masturbation Techniques

Last 20 Minutes Longer TonightMan Last Longer in bed can be achieved by the correct masturbation techniques. Strange as it sounds, the right masturbation technique can help you last longer. But a wrong way of self-stimulation can cause more harm than good. What are we talking about? If you have been used to a quick fix when you are pleasing yourself, it will be reflected in bed. The logic is simple. Your body becomes accustomed to a quick orgasm (and a weak one) when you masturbate quickly. The other problem is when you masturbate too frequently. If you are getting off by yourself three times a day, and getting off fast, you are spoiling your chances when the real thing hits in bed, so beware!

Man Last Longer in bed is in fact a matter of total ejaculation control and enjoy long-lasting sex that is as pleasurable for you as it is for your wife, girlfriend or lover. You can re-wire and re-program your ejaculatory reflexes and permanently turn the tables on PE.

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by Irwanlee